Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Necessary shopping

Long haired kitty + diarrhea = Eeeeeewww!

So, I went shopping today. First stop, Target for something I'd read about on Ravelry in one of the cat groups. A little something to help with those stubborn pet stains.

Second stop, thrift store for a couple of comforters or bedspreads to cover the sofa. Here is the culprit breaking in the new cover.

This next picture, "thank you Mom for coming after me with the baby wipes and a pair of scissors for the dingleberries. Aren't I cute? I'm still not that sorry I bit you."

Still no knitting today. Life on Mars is back on tonight, so I'll get a few rows completed. Well, maybe not. Jason O'Mara is really easy on the eyes.

ETA: I've just ordered a cookbook for pets the vet recommended. I'm convinced that I'll never get Monster to lose weight eating kibble. That's not all fluffy fur. She's got long fur, but there's a lot of cat there too. The vet and I have been working on getting her to a more normal size. Let me tell you, this hasn't been fun.

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