Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

To make things easier, if you are foolish enough to make some resolutions, here are some ideas about that.

Me? I failed miserably last year. I'm not sure about making any, but if I do, I'm using the above to help me make those changes.

Now, the reason I know you're really here:

Knitting pictures!

Here is the Lady Eleanor, still in progress, but moving along quite nicely. Soon I won't have a good place to take photos of it.

Here is the request scarf I started last night. For you knitters out there, this is Silk Garden in colors 8 and 258. The color is a little off, but I just wanted a quick photo to post. I'll mess around with getting better color next time.

Today I've got a whole list of things to do. I mentioned to Keith something we needed to do tomorrow, and he said we can do it on Saturday. I started to protest, then I realized that I can do it on Saturday! Saturdays off will be a strange thing for a short time. I think it will make things a little less stressful around here as Keith has harbored some resentment towards my job for awhile. He's been with his job for so long that he gets a lot of vacation, and I've been reluctant to take that much time off. Having a much more flexible schedule will make things more pleasant here. (Not to mention that sometimes I think he wants an admin assistant here at home. Don't worry, I'll get well compensated for that work.)

So have a happy new year, everyone. I'm feeling cautiously optomistic about this year, and I hope I can be more optomistic and less cautious about it soon!


Janice in GA said...

Happy New Year!

Honib1 said...

first happy new year.. Second I LOVE IT!!! :-)