Monday, April 27, 2009

Back in the routine

Things are back to normal around here with Keith having his own car again (finally!), and me doing house stuff.

Of course, one's definition of normal can change over time, and I should be getting used to the occasional odd request such as over breakfast this morning, quite out of the blue, when Keith asked me what I was going to do with the apples.

OK. I'm reading a book, having that first cup of coffee, so it takes a couple of seconds for the data to process. I'd purchased a bag of organic apples at the Dekalb Farmer's Market, like I do pretty regularly, but this bag had tough skins and hard, tasteless flesh. I had mentioned that I could bake them or make applesauce sometime last week while I was working Stitches. Apparently that's on my to do list for today. He also asked me to clean the fish tank. It has some mold growing under the lid where someone who shall remain nameless has dropped fish food and not bothered to wipe it up. To that I said I'd put it on my list after all the other stuff - you know, like changing the bed, making dog food, fixing dinner, baking pumpkin bread to finish off a partially used can of pumpkin, and so on, and so on.

Shari told me that I would have to post my Stitches swag, but that will also have to wait for another day this week. I've had a long list of yarns to add to Needle Nook's website, and I've got to get going on that. I think I may be able to get around to adding a few later today, but it's looking more like that's how I'll spend my day tomorrow. For you knitters, there are more web specials going on there, including some really good yarns that I was surprised to see on the list.

As for now, I've only been back from the grocery store, NTB, post office and petstore for a little over an hour, and the dishes still haven't danced themselves into the dishwasher.

Oh, and what possesses someone to sniff the kitchen sponge? I mean, really? It wasn't me, but one of the members of the household decided we needed a new sponge, and to prove it, sniffed it. Methinks he needs a hobby.

ETA: I'm still catching up on reading everyone's blogs and Ravelry. I've gotten so far behind with Stitches, but I hope to be caught up in the next day or two.

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