Sunday, April 5, 2009

More project bags

I finished both of these today. One, as you can see, easily holds that bottle of Wild Turkey while the other is a smaller bag, more suited for a hip flask.

Oops! I mean they'll both hold your very small knitting projects, like socks.
Both of these have round bottoms, as did the other three bags I've made. I'm starting to see why most people use a small square for their bag bottoms since they are so much easier to sew into place. I like the way the round ones look, but they are a lot of work with the easing of fabric and folding and creeping the sewing machine along.
I think both of these fabrics are quite fun, and they're both nearly vintage. It's been years since I've bought quilting fabric, and the peppers are from our trip to Sedona, AZ, sometime back in the 90's. The stars are from a fat quarter club I joined in the mid 90's.

Here you see the girls know it's their duty to sleep near my sewing machine and cover all the just washed and ironed fabric with lots of wispy cat fur. Argh! I'll have to re-wash it and re-iron it. Yes, I know I'm the human, and I should have known better. While it's easier to look at the fabric and think about it when it's all out, I'll have to put it back into the bins. That's a small price to pay for having a snugglebunny within easy reach.

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