Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pirate-y fun

Let me just go off on a tangent before I get to the crux of this post. As adults we very rarely get fun surprises. Right? Most surprises we get are at the least uncomfortable up to downright unpleasant. You know what I'm talking about. Things like "well, it's not the battery. It's such and such, and that'll run you $1500." Or "You've got hypothyroidism and hypertension, so you'll be on these medications for the rest of your life."

Yeah, not fun at all. The first one is only a fictional (I hope) example.

So when I saw the Nefarious Sock Club last year and read about it, I had to do it. What could be more fun that getting a yarn based on a villianous person each month? No warnings about who it would be, just a surprise every month.

On top of that, Carrie makes collector cards and shrinky-dink stitch markers to get with the yarns each month. While I may not love the colorway each month, I just love this sock club.

Her original plan was to run it for 12 months, and that was up this past March. We've convinced her to keep going, and this time she offered an optional swag bag to go with it.

Have I mentioned I love a good surprise? Something pleasant and fun to counteract all those less than pleasant ones we get? I checked out the etsy vendors she mentioned as swag suppliers and signed right up for it too.

I got the first installment of the new year yesterday and here they are:

Blackbeard sock yarn, fun and goofy swag, plus a close up of the skull and treasure chest stitchmarkers.

I really can't wait until next month.

ETA: Here's her etsy shop if you want to go check it out. She's doing Buffy yarns now, but go look in her past sales at the Dexter series too.

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