Saturday, April 25, 2009

One of those things you fear

At 4:30ish a.m. this morning our doorbell rang. It rang again. As we scrambled out of bed, Keith said, let me go answer this.

I had no intention of beating him to the door, but I'm also not letting him into anything dangerous, so I looked outside and saw a police car parked in front of our house. I said as much.

Let's face it. A police officer at your door at 4:30 a.m. can't mean anything good. I know we're law abiding, so I immediately start worrying about the rest of our family. Honestly, I can't even think straight as I grab my robe and follow Keith down the hall.

He opens the door, after checking through the window, and the officer sees us. Keith all business, me owl-eyed right behind him. He says something to the effect of "I must have the wrong house."

It turns out he's looking for our next door neighbor. He had stopped someone who gave him the description of our van in the driveway. Our neighbors had people over that evening, and by the amount of beer boxes and bottles we see at the street on Monday mornings, we know exactly why he stopped the person even though he didn't say a word.

He was very nice and apologized for waking us up. Keith said to him, "Don't worry about it. We appreciate what you do."

I thought about that as I fed the cats and let Sassy out before I went back to bed. I know I wasn't mad at the officer at all. I felt so much relief that it wasn't one of our family members in the hospital or morgue that I wasn't mad at him. I just thought what Keith said was a really nice thing to say to someone who's just woken you up from a deep sleep, and it turns out it was a mistake.

So, if you see me at Stitches South today, and I look like I really need another cup of coffee, I probably do.

Stitches has been a lot of fun. I've seen so many people that I don't see now since I'm not working at Needle Nook. It's been great to visit with them. I've also gotten to see the other vendors with all their wonderful yarn and other items. There is a basket weaver from Wisconsin who has some gorgeous baskets. I would love to buy one, but I'm also working on clearing things out of the house, so I'm refraining.

I'm off to get that first cup of coffee now and start to wake up better. And remember, that officer who comes to your door in the wee hours of the morning just may have gotten the wrong information from someone who's had a few too many.

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