Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Assorted stuff

For Miss Sassy I've made an Excel spreadsheet so I can mark off when she gets her meds each day. It makes it much easier than wondering if she got her antibiotic or not.

I also did a little photography this afternoon. Now that I have them on the computer, I see I need to do a little more work on them.

They are all going up on etsy in the next day or two. I've got several errands to run tomorrow, and most involve pet stuff. Anyway, the yarn is kettle dyed. I did it while taking Gale's class last year. The base yarn is Louet Gems.

The kitty bag is fully lined. All fabrics have been pre-washed, so any color bleeding or shrinking that might happened should have already occured. The satin cording was not prewashed. The fabrics are 100% cotton, and they are from my stash. Both bags comfortably hold that bottle of bourbon as illustrated last week.

The dessert bag has some rather stiff interfacing in it. I was experimenting, and while I'm not thrilled with the results for a round bag, the interfacing will work really well on a larger tote or a square bag. I'll be back at the machine, trying out some other things.

I've really enjoyed making something from scratch. Shorter project bags are in the future. Also, these two have somewhat gathered bottoms as my circle template is a little too small, so I'll have to work on that too.

Off to watch some trash tv now - America's Next Top Model. Later, I get to watch the series finale of Life on Mars. I'm going to really miss seeing Jason O'Mara each week.

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