Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wow, I really do need to work on my photography. Apologies for this less than stellar shot, but since one of my work supervisors was helping me hold down the quilt, I had to post it.

The baby quilt is finally 100% complete, just days after Claire's 5th birthday. It's still a good size for a child, and as she grows, it can be a great lap quilt.
And now for something completely different. The other night at knitting guild Ellen came to me and said she was enjoying my blog. I said off the top of my head, "that's slightly terrifying". I'm really not sure when I became someone who just said whatever popped into her head. I used to actually have some sense, but I've lost it somewhere along the way.
Ellen, I must clarify my strange comment. I find it slightly terrifying when I find out someone I know is actually reading my blog. There's such a wonderful anonymity about blogging. I let the thoughts pour from my head. And while I personally know most of my commentors IRL, it still freaks me out a little when I discover people are actually reading my blog. I don't know why. It just does.
I do want to take this opportunity then to thank those of you who do read my blog and enjoy it. I do appreciate it. This all started out as a way for me to tell my family and friends what was going on without boring them to tears about knitting and pets since I can entertain them with pictures, and they can skip any details if they choose. The real irony is that I've found out that most of my family doesn't read my blog. They may look at it occasionally, but not very often. However, I enjoy it. I can wax poetic about knitting or Jason O'Mara as much as I want, and not have Keith rag me about it. (Actually, he says things like "your man is on tv now", which is only fair since sometimes I yell to him "OMG! You've got to come see this woman's boobs!" Hey, it's TV, and you'll never know what freaks you'll see.)
Well, I must get moving. Coffee is waiting, as is Sassy. Her medicated shampoo arrived in yesterday's mail. You must be very quiet. After all, "bath" is one of the most frightening words you can say to a dog. Swimming in an algae and frog filled pond is one thing, but getting sprayed with soap and water is quite another. Luckily for Sassy, bath comes sometime after breakfast, and breakfast is the word she's thinking about now.
eta: grrr! Blogger keeps messing with my formatting! Sorry for all the run together paragraphs.

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Janice in GA said...

I found out last w/e that someone I know stalks my comments on Ravelry. o_O . I try not to post anything on the internet that could come back to bite me, but now I know I need to be extra-circumspect. :)