Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun with hubby

A few nights ago I watched part of The Story of India with Michael Wood on PBS. This particular episode was about religion in India with the emphasis on the Buddha.

What I found interesting is that over the years I've been heading in a Buddhist direction as some of the tenets make so much sense. To paraphrase, if living is suffering, and suffering is caused by desire, then don't desire things.

Yeah, way easier to say than to do.

However, there are things I don't desire, and not desiring those things helps me find satisfaction with my life as it is. I don't desire a big house (think of the maintenance and utility bills). I don't want a fancy car, although I wouldn't say no to a low mileage, year 1999 body style, extended cab Dodge Dakota. (I really loved my truck.)

So I was talking to Keith about this some as we were running errands, and I confessed that I've not been able to rid myself of all desire, and one thing I wanted right now was a couple of yards of brown fabric with pink polka dots that I saw the other day. The wonderful hubby that he is drove me to two fabric stores to get my fabric, and a third to look for a matching zipper.

For me, it is the little things that make me happy. Keith in a good mood. Actually seeing an honest to goodness bluebird at our house. Making sure Scooter is just sleeping and not dead in his kitty bed.

And if I ever do conquer all my desires, you will find me wandering about India like the holy men do, even though I don't think I've ever seen a holy woman there.

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Kim said...

Much love to you and your grumpy old-man cat.