Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another finished pair of socks

Last night I finished my socks in Bearfoot by Mountain Colors. I think the color is Red Tail Hawk. I thought it was Sierra, but later I remembered that I used the Sierra for a pair of gift socks.

Whatever the color is, they are now finished, and my model had to check them out. Of course she's not very cooperative on a cool morning when there are other things going on, and she moved as the shutter snapped.

I have one other pair of socks on the needles right now, but I may concentrate on my Green Basil. Summer of Socks 2009 starts on June 21, and last year I dedicated myself to knitting nothing but socks all summer. I plan to do it again this year as I enjoy knitting socks, and it was nice to get several pairs finished more quickly than I normally do. I was a monogamous knitter for the most part last summer, and when I do that, I can get a pair of socks knitted up pretty quickly.

It's lovely here right now. The temperatures dropped more than the weather people predicted, and it's bright and sunny. I've got all the windows open, and I don't plan to sit here in front of the computer all morning. Have a great weekend!

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