Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I see pictures in the near future.

I did it! I finished Keith's size 13 Wollmeise socks last night. I feel like I can tackle anything now! Like the next pair which are going to be a yarn from Yarnsmith that I got at SAFF two years ago with Malabrigo heels and toes. (At the time I hadn't actually finished a pair of socks for Keith, and I didn't buy nearly enough yarn. I've got to divide the Yarnsmith yarn into two equal balls before I get started. I can always use some of the Malabrigo on the cuffs too if I need to.) Anyway, I'll get pictures of the finished socks and the ingredients for the next pair tomorrow, weather permitting.

Let's talk about the weather. While I know we need the rain, I'm getting rather tired of these dim, gray days. I did see the sun for a few short minutes towards the end of the day, during which time it converted the outdoors into a gigantic steam bath. I felt like I was vacationing on the sci-fi visions of Venus from my youth.

Also, I've only seen Hopalong twice since his surgery last week. I admit to being worried about him, but I also understand that cats don't like to be in the rain (except for Lily), and he may be lurking in a dry spot. I saw him last Thursday, then again yesterday. I ran like mad to get some food out for him. I'm going to check outside again in a little while to see if he's around and hungry.

As for Scooter, while he seems perky when he's awake, his tumor is definitely growing. I find I'm pondering a lot what to do about him. I wonder how long he'll feel okay with this growth on his neck even though we are using compresses on it daily. This is the razor's edge. As long as Scooter is greedy for food, I still think that means he wants to continue his life. The moment he seems to fade and not want his food will be that final trip. At least that's what I'm thinking right now. I so hate watching our pets wither away. It doesn't get any easier, no matter how many times you live through it.

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Kim said...

You are a brave, brave woman, knitting size 13 socks. And about Scooter, I think he'll tell you when he's ready. Big hugs to you.