Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drain field progress

Our backyard is a terrible mess! They had to dig a deep hole for the holding tank that will have a pump attached that will pump wastewater to the drain field. They couldn't dig the hole quite as deep as they needed to since they hit granite. Lots of granite. The trenches for water dispersal are all still open, waiting for the pvc pipes that bring the water to the tubing stuff. And the county inspector has to come give it a look too. I'll take some pictures of it all if I have time tomorrow morning.

They'll be back bright and early to finish up tomorrow.

We released Hopalong back into the wilds this evening. Yes, the wilds of our front yard, near where I feed him on a very regular basis. (I don't feed the ferals until I actually see them as I don't want to feed every squirrel, bird and possum holistic cat kibble.) I opened the trap, and he sat there. I turned away for a minute, and he dashed from the trap, raced across the neighbor's yard and disappeared. I'm sure he'll show up again near mealtimes. I know it's been traumatic for a kitty to have surgery and a vaccination, and it was even worse to be stuck in a trap while a curious dog wanted to give you a sniff. Now he won't have to suffer the potential of being snuffled by Sassy, and he can go back to sleep where ever it is that he has his bed.

I'd best be getting to bed since we've got stuff to move before they dig up more of the yard.

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The Chickengoddess said...

Good for you! I've done trap spay and release too, and I always wish I could keep them, but you can't. All the cool cats over here are sending good purr vibes to Scooter. Hope he's still chillin!