Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday knitting pictures

Last night I found myself doing something I didn't think I'd ever do again.

I knitted with novelty yarn. I just couldn't face any of my other projects right now. I've got 3 socks, 1 sweater and 2 lace shawls on the needles right now, but none of them offered the easy, mindless solace I required from knitting. (The 2 lace shawls are actually in hibernation as it turns out lace yarn + cats + being a perfectionist doesn't work well at all.)

So the fluffy thing that Grey is sniffing is Lucky yarn by Muench. I've noticed olive green just doesn't photograph so well on my stone bench, so the base eyelash yarn is not quite that color.

I'm starting to love the Saucy yarn, and it's liking me better now that I've bent to its will. The color is just wonderful. It makes me think of melted Neapolitan ice cream that's heavy on the strawberry.

As you can see, the sock is coming along nicely.

Next are the mittens I've knitted for charity. I took a pattern for bulky mittens and just knitted it up in worsted to make child size mittens. Yes, I did change the needles to make it all work out correctly.

I made one rather glaring mistake in the first one. I left out several rounds of stockinette before starting the thumb gusset, and I didn't even notice it until I was working on the second mitten! I made the second one to match, and I'm hoping they will still work. At least next time I'll remember not to make such a silly mistake. (Yes, I WILL read the pattern.)

As for Scooter, I had made the decision to help him cross the bridge without consulting Keith as I should have. I'm the one who's taken him to the vet 3 times in the past month and heard what the vets have said, so I had that in mind when I made all the arrangements. I figured out I had totally screwed up when Keith barely spoke to me at all last night or this morning. So tomorrow morning I'll call the vet and postpone the inevitable for a couple more days. The balance is difficult. The vet wanted to put Scooter down on Friday, but Keith needs a few more days to say good-bye. As for how Scooter is, that's the most difficult of all. The tumor on his neck is growing. It's larger than it was just a few weeks ago. Yes, he's very fragile looking, has arthritis and can't sit well, needs fluids (apparently more often than he's been getting them), is hard of hearing, can't see well at all, and he's still very greedy for food.

It's the greedy for food bit that makes this so difficult. We can tell Scooter still has his wits about him, and he enjoys eating. Those two things tell us that he's not ready to go yet. However, I don't want to wait until he's totally decrepit and in so much pain that he can't eat. It's the fact that he still wants to eat (and he demonstrated to the vet by devouring some treats she gave him) that makes me pause. It's inevitable we'll have to give him mercy, yet when is the time right?

That's really the question, isn't it?


trh said...

So sorry about Scooter. At least with Jess, we knew it was time because her tumors inhibited her breathing. This is such a difficult thing to go thru, for all concerned.

Kim said...

I love your Neapolitan socks. I'm so sad for you about Scooter. Just keep stuffing the creaky little kitty with lots of nummies. He'll tell you when he's ready to go.