Friday, May 15, 2009

Trapping to commence

The target? Hopalong, seen here lurking in the neighbor's yard.
The goal? Rabies vaccination and neutering. He's an aggressive little devil who needs snipping. He has disrupted the precarious balance of territories and kitty serenity. Hopefully after surgery he will mellow out.
Anyway, trapping can only occur between Sunday and Wednesday as Lifeline's clinic is open Monday through Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be successful this weekend in catching the wily menace.
For any of you who are new, I do TNR - trap, neuter and return. It works very well at reducing feral cat populations. Cats are spayed or neutered, one of their ears gets clipped, they get a rabies vaccination, and then are released back where they were caught. Of course they have to stay in the trap after surgery for a day or two.
Meanwhile, I've got the trap sitting out where it can lose some of the new smell and start to smell like all of us. And sardines have an irresistable aroma that cats find quite enticing.

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