Friday, May 29, 2009

The promised pictures

Let's start off with another pair of finished mittens for Macuwita sni. Depending on the size of mitten and the size of yarn, I can easily finish 1 in an evening. That makes them a very quick knit. They don't take too much wool, so I'm able to use up some of those single balls of yarn. They are also small enough that I'll be able to practice stranded colorwork, of which I've done no more than a swatch until now. I really do love being able to provide something that is so needed to people who will really use them.

Next up, Keith's finished Wollmeise socks. Yes, I know this is redundant for you non-knitters, but here are the stats. I did start with 2 separate balls of Maria's Deepest Purple in order to have enough yarn to make a pair for his size 12-13 feet. I have a fair amount of yarn left over, maybe even enough to make a pair of socks for myself. When I'm ready to tackle this yarn again I'll weigh what's left and see. The yarn photographs so much more red that it is in real life. It has a lot of blue in it, more so than it looks here.

These two yarns are for Keith's next pair of socks. I think I blogged about the yarns in the last post, so I won't bore you with the details again. I do love how the Malabrigo sock yarn is almost the same blue as the blue in the Yarnsmith yarn. I've got a couple of projects in progress that I'd like to finish up before I get started on these. I find my comfort zone for works in progress is about around 5-7. I like to have a variety of things to work on, but not so many that I get anxious about how many are unfinished. I like it to be reasonable that I will actually be able to finish them all.

And finally, I found this potato while scrubbing taters for dogfood yesterday. I thought it was somewhat funny. Not good for a belly laugh, but for a chuckle or two. Do you think I should offer it for sale on ebay? Would a slightly phallic looking potato sell as well as a potato chip that looks like the Virgin Mary? Who knows?

Well, I've got some pots and pans to scrub up after yesterday's marathon cooking session, then I'm sewing today. I've got to get a few more things onto etsy as well as playing with some knit bag ideas that I've had. Taking the ideas and working out how to actually do them is something I need some time to do.
The sun is finally shining again. There is a slight breeze, and it's just plain lovely outside. While I do hate to be stuck inside on such a nice morning, I'll admit to being fearful of working in my yard. I've got poison ivy on both ankles, and it hasn't been fun at all. I haven't figured out how I got it this time, but I think with all the digging with the new drain field that I probably just brushed up against a bare root or something. I know it's silly to be scared to do yardwork, but the last bout of poison ivy before this one was just misery inducing, and this bout only stopped spreading a day or two ago. I think my fear is justified.

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