Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy day ahead

but I'm already tired.

Last night the spinning urge was too strong to deny. I sat and spun one of Gale's potluck Blueface Leicesters for a couple of hours without much of a break. While I'm a seemingly intelligent person who should know better, watching the colors change and the roving turn into a very lovely single was too hypnotic to stop.

I'm paying for it today. Arms and legs are slightly sore. I'm in dire need of hot bath and massage, but neither is in the very near future.

We had an awful night's sleep last night. Grey and Scooter slept with us, and Grey kept waking up to groom. This woke Keith up, which inevitably woke me also. So when the phone rang at 7:40 am this morning, I was more than a bit groggy. However, there was a cancellation, and our new drainfield will be installed today. That's great news. I think I'll celebrate tonight with a muscle soothing mineral salts bath.

And let's not forget to talk cats. Hopalong apparently went crazy sometime last night. Keith could hear the trap banging around. When I went to check on him this morning, both the food and water dish were totally turned upside down. The newspapers lining the trap are wet, and he's one angry cat. I need to keep him inside for another 12 or so hours, and I'm quite frankly scared to go change his papers. It's going to take both of us. Hopalong was growling and hissing like mad when I checked on him. I know he's going to be one happy cat to be released this evening.

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