Thursday, May 21, 2009

Drain field installation day 2

The guys were here by 8:50 a.m., and they're out there now arranging the pvc pipe that goes into the infiltrator drain system. Yay! Soon I'll be able to take a nice long hot bath without worrying that the septic will overflow into the house.

We've spotted Hopalong this morning. He was out patrollling his territory and spraying cars. Poor guy! He won't have that distinctive odor for much longer. I will admit that I hate it when I get into my van, turn on the a/c, and get that blast of male cat fragrance because he was spraying my wheels the night before. Mr. Chubbers was very fragrant before he got "fixed". I've put breakfast out for Mr. Hoppy in the secondary feeding area (across the street, under a bush in the neighbors yard). I'm not sure when he's eaten last as he kept turning over his food and water dishes while in the trap. I'll keep food out to make sure he can fill his belly.

I knitted a whole 'nother mitten last night for Macuwita sni. I've decided to make Knit Nite charity knitting only. I can work on small, easy projects that don't need too much attention so I can join in the conversation. I also do want to knit for charity as there are so many worthy causes out there, but one thing I really like about Macuwita sni is that I can use up my extra wool. The rest of the charities I knit for are local, and we don't need that much wool down here in the Deep South.

I'll post a pictures only post later today showing the yard and the mitten.

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