Friday, May 8, 2009

A Scooter decision

Ever since I took Scooter back to the vet a few weeks ago to see if that really was the cancer back in horribleness, I've been wondering about feeding him.

His kidneys aren't in great shape, which happens with very old cats, and the vet I saw that day said that letting him eat whatever he wanted wouldn't take that much time off his life. The vet was trying to dance around the fact that Scooter's life expectancy isn't that long. We don't know how long it will be, and I know they can't make any real predictions, so I didn't ask. What the vet did say was that is was more important for Scooter to eat as older kitties will very quickly lose strength and go downhill rapidly. Unfortunately, I've gotten to experience that with Pixel.

I've found, however, that I've been reluctant to just feed him whatever he wants to eat. I've still been offering him the food specifically formulated for his kidney condition, but he gets bored with it and won't eat it. I realize my reluctance is that I'm still not ready to let him go. Keith has said feed him whatever he wants. A group of cat-owned knitters I've spoken to say to let him eat whatever he wants. I'm still caught between making his last days a happy food feast or having him here with me as long as I possibly can. It's a very difficult transition to make. I decided that I would start cooking homemade cat food again, and even if it's not the best for his kidneys, I know he enjoys it, and I love him enough to do this.

I'm really trying not to cry as I write this.

To end on a happier note, I can't stop thinking about spinning. I've got some more fiber to try now, so in the near future look for my finished purple yarn. I've told myself I must ply it together before using up newer roving.

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Kim said...

Lots of love and hugs to you, my dear.