Monday, May 18, 2009

Trapping is complete!

Just a little while ago Hopalong showed up for some dinner. I took out the trap, baited with sardines, and put it near where he normally eats. I learned you put in a trail of sardines with the largest pieces where the pressure pad for the trap is. He pulled out a couple of pieces near the trap entrance and on his third piece, he was caught!

So tomorrow, bright and early, off he and I go to Lifelife Animal Project. He'll get neutered, get his ear clipped to show he is a neutered feral, and his rabies vaccination. After some recovery time, he'll get released again. I know he won't get near me for a short time after he's released, but when food is involved, kitties have short memories of the unpleasantness.

Scooter is still with us and seems to be happy. We've been feeding him yummy moist food, liver or baby food meats every time he starts looking around for something, and I've think he's even gained a little weight. I guess he has just gotten picky and had been eating less of the kibble than I thought. Yes, I know he won't actually get better, but we'd like to keep him with us as long as possible and as long as he seems happy.

It was odd, when I think about it now. I told the vet on Friday that Scooter spent most of his time sleeping, but he did like to eat. She said that wasn't much of a life, and I'm not sure what stopped me from saying, but that's what any cat likes to do! Let's face it - what do cats do? They eat, hunt a little, but sleep some incredible amount of time. Something like 20 hours a day. So I'm thinking Scooter is still acting pretty normal for a cat. Yes, we'll have to see if he'll behave and let us do some sub-q at home. He still comes out from his kitty cube and demands petting too, so he's not ready to go yet.

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Kim said...

Yay for successful kitty trapping! Tasty sardines are so irresistable!
I'm glad to hear Scooter is eating and demanding nummies and lovinks like it's his job. Honestly, what kind of response is that from the vet? Hell, if I could, I'D do nothing but eat and sleep. Snort.