Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fibery goodness postponed

I'm so excited about my spinning. On Friday night I wound my two bobbins of singles onto the niddy noddy, joining the 2 bobbins with a spit splice since one had much more yarn than then other. Then I put it on my swift and wound it into a ball. I wasn't thinking at all. I should have taken a picture of the singles yarn cake, but I just didn't think of it then.

Last night I took the yarn cake out, gave it a couple of squeezes (hey! it was too beautiful not to squeeze), then start plying. I used both ends of the single and plied it all together. It turned out to be almost perfectly balanced when I was finished with it. I do have a photo, but it was taken late last night in a hurry. I was rushing to soak it and set twist before I went to bed. So here's the crappy picture, but I'll take some better ones today or tomorrow. Anyway, this awful picture is after I've taken it off the bobbin right after plying. I amazed myself with the balance of the yarn. I really couldn't believe how good it looked. (I may be a very good knitter, but I'm feel much more like a novice spinner.)

So, better pictures and a longer post in the near future.

In case you're wondering, I have started letting Scooter eat basically whatever he wants. Boy, has his appetite improved. I hit Pet Supermarket yesterday and stocked up on all the Wellness Grainfree canned varieties, and he's so happy eating his food now. Honestly, the others are quite happily eating it too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the whole gunky ears thing is food related, and now I won't be wrestling cats to clean ears as often. (Or not cleaning as often as I should since sometimes it involves a lot of wriggling and biting, with me being on the receiving end. Luckily, I think my immune system has been acclimated to cat bites. Kind of like those guys who inject themselves with tiny doses of snake venom over the years to become immune to snake bites.)

I'm in a finish project mode. I did finish some gift knitting last night. I can't post a picture since it is a gift, but as soon as it's delivered I'll show it here. I'm nearly finished with the second Spring Forward sock. It's been on hold while the first sock went to Stitches South and Maryland Sheep and Wool. Now that the travelling sock is back, I can finish the second and make sure they match. I'm on the cuff on both Keith's second Wollmeise sock and my second Bearfoot sock, so I'm feeling an urgency to get all these finished before I start new projects. I'm not one of those knitters who has to work on one project at a time, but I'm also uncomfortable having too many works in progress. Finishing some of these up will feel great!

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Kim said...

Good human slave! Glad to hear Scooter is chowing down!