Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Artist's Way

I don't know if any of you have read this book, but several years ago (maybe as many as 10), it was recommended to Keith when he met with a career counselor. He never did any of the exercises in it, but I picked it up, did a couple of them, then set it aside. Consistency is a real challenge to me. Or I could be a bit more archaic and say I lack "sticktoitiveness". (And let's be honest, Keith has a few other choice words that he likes to use. He's just lucky I love him too much to hit him with one of my cast iron frying pans. Believe me, I've given it some thought!) :)

So, let's fast forward to this past spring. Whooosh! We've left the mid 90's, and now we're at the vet's office, where, as you know, I've spent much time over these past few years.

I always visit with the staff there. I go to and stay with my vet because they're really nice, wonderful, caring folks, and while I do have some dread about going there ($$$$), I enjoy visiting with them. Lea, who works there, asked me about the Artist's Way one day. I said what probably a lot of people have said, "I've got it, but I didn't stick with it." It turns out Lea had been asking people, and she wanted to start a group to do it. Many of us have problems with that sticktoitiveness, and a group makes you more accountable.

Today we had our first group meeting. Lea is an amazing organizer. She used to be a meeting planner (I think I've remembered the term she used). She had an outline. She had a small origami project for us to do. While I find her vision of where she eventually wants to go with all this much grander than anything that I'd planned, I think she's a perfect ringleader.

And since this is me, and I'm absolutely convinced that the Universe has a twisted sense of humor, I think I'm in the process of having it have a bit of fun at my expense. (And I'm ok with that.) For years our copy of The Artist's Way has been on a bookcase in Keith's office. It hasn't budged. I went to look for it on Friday night. It wasn't there. Now, of course I can picture the spine in my mind's eye. A tall, thinnish, burgundy book. It's not there. I ask Keith about it. He says he's seen it recently, and what he describes matches what I'm looking for. I look again. It's really not there. I look on another bookcase, then another. Yes, we have bookcases in just about every room of the house. If we had space, we'd probably have them in the bathroom too. I can't find that darn book anywhere. I break down and order a used copy, very inexpensive, from Amazon this afternoon. I go to the group and see that what I've been picturing in my mind is not at all what I should be looking for. I still haven't found my copy of it yet, but I bet it will turn up before the other one arrives. I really hope the Supreme Being has a good bellylaugh then.

I think the emergency frozen pizza is cooked, so I'd best sign off now. We're planning to snuggle Scooter as much as he'll let us tonight. I'm not sure when we're taking him for that last visit.

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