Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yikes! Big business strikes again!

Fashion-Incubator was linked from Ravelry. Apparently the Design Piracy Prohibition Act will have all those unintended trickle down effects that will do things like put lots and lots of small designers out of business. It's time to contact your congressperson again. Follow the link to Fashion-Incubator as she already has all the links to petitions and ways to fight this ridiculous legislation.

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kathleen said...

Thanks Eve, you're a peach!

The worst part is it will allow big design houses to continue to copy indie designers with impunity because indies don't have the money to fight infringement. DVF who is pushing for this law, recently did a line for line knock off of Mercy, a little known Canadian indie.

Boing Boing covered the story today here: