Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vet trauma

At least I think that's what she would think.

Today I woke up and trapped Mamacat. She's the first honest to goodness TNR cat I ever did, and she really needed an update of her rabies vaccination.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her waiting for breakfast, so I quickly baited the trap and took it out to where she normally eats. She was suspicious, but the aroma of tuna quickly got the better of her.

Poor, poor kitty. The trap was sprung, and after I brought her to a safe place, I took a quick shower and then we went to the vet.

I knew that while she was at the vet's office that I wanted all those things done that kitties need done, like being de-fleaed, getting any necessary vaccinations, etc. I hadn't been gone for even 45 minutes when they called and asked for verbal permission to anesthetize her since she wouldn't let them near. I said sure (what else could I say?) and went about my business.

Mama is a surprisingly healthy cat. No ear mites, no worms. She got her shots and a flea treatment (Oh! the indignity), then was put into a cardboard cat carrier for me to bring her home in. By the time I picked her up, she was fully recovered from the anesthesia. I figured she may not have eaten all day, so Keith brought her some food, then I released her from the carrier.

Off like a shot she ran! I was expecting something like that. I know she'll be back, but it may take a few days for everyone to calm down again. Hopalong had showed up for breakfast today too, but he saw the trap and ran off. I'll keep peeking out as night falls to see if either of them is waiting for food. I do hate to leave food out when they're not there. I've got some of the plushest squirrels you will ever see eating at my house.

I feel very happy even though they may be upset with me. My only two ferals are now vaccinated and sterile, and while I can't save every cat or dog or child out there that needs saving, at least I've what I can.

Next week, the trap goes to my sister in law. She's succumbing to the lure of TNR and is about to rescue some cats she's been feeding. It just takes a little effort from a lot of people to make some real change, doesn't it?

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Kim said...

You are so awesome for doing this. Just so's you know. :-)