Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random ramblings

First, thank you Kim, for the complement. I'll admit that I don't think I'm awesome. What I do think is that TNR gives me a way to make a difference and to be able to live with myself. In the past we've had feral cats that I've wanted to help, and I didn't know what to do. Now I do know, and that eases my conscience so much. I can still help without becoming the crazy woman with all the cats. Although, both Keith and I realize that when we ever move, we have to trap and take our 2 feral cats with us. At this point they depend on us whether they want to live with us or not.

Today we did our bit for the economy. Usually once or sometimes twice a year we go shopping for Keith. He dislikes shopping for clothing, so most years it's a bit of an ordeal. We head up to the North Georgia Premium Outlets and spend the day looking for clothing for him. Over the years I've gotten more savvy about how to do this. "Oh, those shoes fit and you like them! Why don't you get two pairs instead of just one?" This works for pants, etc.

However, he's been talking to some of his coworkers and one of his brothers in law and found out that other guys go shopping more often at places like T.J. Maxx. Today we went to a nearby mall that has a Burlington Coat Factory store, and I discovered once again why I should always have knitting in my purse. I perused the women's clothing pretty quickly. I've got fabric for 3 more Barcelona skirts, so all I really wanted were a few more T-shirts. No such luck finding what I wanted, so I headed over to find Keith. I found him trying on pants. He had tried 2 pairs with only 1 pair fitting him. I helped him find ties and more pants to try on, then I got to sit and wait while he tried them all on.

Thank goodness that he did end up with 2 pairs that he liked, along with 4 ties and 3 shirts. I got a $4.99 tank top to wear with my pj's. I was amazed at the bill (it was a very happy amazement). Now he's got to go through his closet, then we're off to get a few more items for him. When they had a change in management awhile back, the man who came in decided that the men in his department needed to wear ties while in the office. Honestly, Keith hasn't had to wear a tie in years. Many of his are dated looking, and I was glad we found some he liked, some in the most gorgeous silks. I doubt we're doing more shopping this week, and I mostly wanted to post this to remind you gals out there that men can be surprisingly slow when shopping, so always take your knitting with you.

I've got to see if I can talk him into the outlets. I still want some new T-shirts, and I'm brand specific since I found some last year that I love. Either that, or I'll just head out to Phipps one day and see if I can find them in a non-outlet branch of the same store.

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