Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday morning pre-coffee ramblings

I did try out the new pressure cooker last night. Chicken Goddess told me that it would take only a few minutes. I would be surprised how fast it was. She was right. However, (and you knew there would be a however) I still managed to have the safety valve release a little steam too.

When she said fast, I still didn't comprehend just how fast. Let's face it. A totally new experience for me is using a pressure cooker. Never grew up around one and never paid attention when Dolores was using one. I didn't know my chicken would be done in just 3 minutes. I just knew that couldn't be right, so after I released the steam from the vent, I decided I'd better heat it up just a little longer. When the steam started coming from the safety vent, I turned the heat off immediately, released the steam and ran it under some cold water so I could open it up and take a look. All cooked. Maybe even a little overcooked. Chicken breast can get a little tough sometimes.

And yes, it was a little scary at first, but now that I've been able to experience how it all works, I'm raring to go again. I think I'll need to get a larger one. This one is small. Really just large enough for one meal for two people. I'll need one that will make a roast or pot of stew.

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