Friday, June 5, 2009

Curtains are finished, finally

I tend to get a lot of help around here, of the feline sort, whenever I have a project in my lap. In a moment, I'll show you why these curtains took so darn long to finish. Don't you just love this fun fabric? I bought the fabric first, then got some help choosing a paint color to go with it. Here are the first pair. Yes, the window is in the corner of the room. What do you expect from a cookie cutter house from 1961?

Anyway, I was using a technique I learned from quilting to sew in the lining fabric. Using tiny little stitches that barely show from the lining side, you then insert the needle between the layers of the decorative fabric so that no stitches show on the front.
This is the front of that same area, and I'm stitching between the edge and the machine stitched row. Yes, tiny little stitches by hand. I'm not sure I'd do it that way again, but then again, I might.
The worst part about it is that cats are used to sitting in my lap or right up against me when I'm working. I had to use straight pins to hold the lining to the facing fabric. Straight pins and pets just plain don't mix. So, my sewing was always set aside when kitties needed snuggling as kitties will not be denied.
I find myself at a loss about what to do today now that this project is finished. I had machine sewn all the pieces several years ago, then set them aside after sewing the first lining in. (It was such a pain!) Now that I'm not working, I've had a case of finishitis, and this is the second large sewing project that I've finished. I've got 2 quilts that are all basted together, waiting for quilting, and I can do much of the quilting with my sewing machine. I'm really thinking of tackling one of them so it won't be hanging around haunting me. If so, I'll take some pictures of it later.

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