Sunday, June 7, 2009

See, I'm still knitting

I know you were thinking that with all the sewing and quilting lately that my needles were sitting idle. Well, you'd be wrong. They haven't been totally idle, although there has been less knitting.
I got some work done on this sock. I'm not sure if I'd written that I was having car sock withdrawals, but I was, so here's what I cast on. Miss Babs in her Watermelon colorway. It's brighter than the picture shows, but it's still on the more pastel side. I've also done some work on the front of the Green Basil, but it's not very interesting to look at right now. Thus, no photo.
I can't remember if I mentioned that when I called the county extension service after having the drainfield redone, the master gardener I spoke to told me that we would probably have to take down all the trees that had some major root damage. She didn't think we'd have to do it immediately, but she seemed to think sooner was better than later. My beloved doesn't want to think about that right now, and I've not pushed the issue (yet). However, this morning the neighbors behind us and one house over are busy cutting down trees in their backyard. While I totally understand that as we have an overabundance of sweet gum and Q-tip looking pine trees in this area, I'm not exactly happy. I was counting on the neighbors to keep their trees so that we would have shade after ours were removed. I see that ain't gonna happen. I think I'll be very happy very soon that I've gotten the curtains up in my office.
Keith is taking vacation this week, so I'm dragging him to Textile Warehouse to look at curtain fabric for our bedroom and kitchen. Right now we have blackout roller shades in the bedroom, which we will leave up, but the room looks unfinished without curtains. Yes, we've been in this house much longer than we had planned to be (pretty convenient location), and there are still plenty of things we've not done yet. I'm thinking Roman shade for kitchen and just some plain panels for the bed and bath.
I think I'd better make sure our Lily is inside with all the trees falling out back. Have a great Sunday!

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