Monday, June 1, 2009

Pets and stress

Poor Sassy has been distressed since the back yard was all dug up. The fence had to be taken down in order to get the big truck with the tank back there, so she's been stuck in the house more than she's used to for the past couple of weeks. How has she been handling it? By scratching the fur off her butt from rubbing on the sofa and chewing some of the fur off her tail. Ugh.

We bathed her again yesterday with the prescription shampoo, so I hope that will help, but I'm also going to the health food store today after the dentist to get a Bach Flower Remedy or two. I've got to figure out which ones I need, but I'd thought this would be better than putting her on anti-anxiety meds until we get her domain back into shape. The fence should be put back together today, so at least she can get out back for more than 5 minutes and start putting her smell back onto everything.

As for Scooter, he's hanging in there, eating anytime we'll feed him the things he wants to eat. I haven't taken a good look at his tumor in a few days (it's pretty gross). We haven't taken a real, go anywhere vacation in a little over 2 years. That was when the elderly cats got to a point where I refused to travel. Keith really wants to go somewhere, and he said we'd just take Scooter with us if he's still around. I don't think he's thought that through. I doubt anyplace will want an elderly cat who sheds like mad, pees large amounts (at least he always makes it to the box), and occasionally drips blood in their rooms. I know the only reason I put up with it is I love him so much. While it'd would be great to get away for a few days, I'm not sure I could do it until after Scooter passes.

I'd better get moving since that dental appointment is pretty early. So I'll end with a picture of Chubbers begging for tummy rubs and lots of nibbling on the hand that feeds him.


Kim said...

You and Scooter are in my thoughts. And I love that picture of Chubby. What a house pet!

Eve said...

I have a hard time believing that only a year ago Chubby was my feral yard cat. He's turned into quite the petting pest.