Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a weekend!

Mom and Dave came to visit over the weekend. Mom has retired, and Dave is retiring later this year. In preparation for it they got an RV. Of course, they got it before gas prices starting getting out of control, and this was the first time they've taken it on the road. They stayed at Stone Mountain, which has some nice campgrounds. We went to have dinner with them, ooh and ahh over their RV, and see the laser show. The RV is quite nice. Keith and I have a pop-up trailer that we toured the country in way back in 1986. (We were actually able to get gas for $0.69 in Texas at the time!) The pop up is a step up from all the tent camping we used to do, but the RV is a small apartment on wheels. I think the only change I would make is to convert it to bio-diesel.

Anyway, on to Sunday night. I stayed up until a little after midnight reading an Agatha Christie that I hadn't read in years. I couldn't remember who the murderer was, and I just had to know. I had just dozed off when my van alarm went off. Honestly, I didn't know my van had an alarm. It has the panic button, but I didn't know it would go off if someone was trying to break into it. We looked outside, then I got the key to turn it off. We didn't see anyone, but last year there had been a rash of car break ins in our neighborhood, and I'm wondering just what is going on. We go out and look, but don't see anything wrong with it.

When I got up on Monday morning, I went out to go pull some weeds, and as I walk by the van I see some black rubbery things on the ground. I look at it, wondering just what it is, and look at the van. Someone has cut off the weatherstripping around my driver's side window and tried to pry it out! I promptly called the police and notified our neighborhood watch coordinator. When the officer arrived it turns out it's the 4th minivan attempt he's been to in 2 days! Someone is specifically looking for a van like mine. He said I was lucky because in the others they had gotten into the vans and really screwed up the drive column trying to start them. He was so funny too. He shook his head and said minivans? Why would they want them? Then he got a little embarrassed, but I know exactly what he meant. I doubt they'll try again here in our neighborhood, and now everyone is on alert. In the meantime, I have to tape my window in at the top until I can get the weatherstripping replaced. Keith thinks he can do it. I think I'll talk to the dealership too.

Not much knitting done this weekend. I was happily knitting away at Keith's heathery gray sock and put it next to the other to see how much further I needed to go before I could turn the toe. It seems it was the first time I'd looked at the two heels. The one I just finished was different from the first. I just looked and looked at it. I had read my notes. I thought they were exactly the same. The second one was smaller than the first. SH*T! I ripped the darn thing back and took out the whole heel. Picking up the yarnovers at each end of the short row is impossible for me. I am not a happy camper. I so wanted to be finished with that sock. I'm tired of the heathery gray sameness of it all. I'm several rows back into the heel again. I'm opening up some champagne when I get finished with this sock.

Keith has his root canal today. Yay! It will be over, and I won't see him wince in pain spontaneously. Now I have to get ready for my regular dental appointment.

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