Monday, May 5, 2008

Lucy Neatby workshop, the teaser before the commercial break.

I had signed up for the her workshop as soon as I saw it was announced on Main Street Yarns newsletter. Last year I had watched part of one of her DVD's while at dinner with other knitters. I saw enough to know that if I had been sober and not teaching myself Magic Loop while watching it that she was an amazing teacher.

I received a phone call on Thursday asking if I could drive Lucy from Atlanta to Watkinsville and back, and I immediately emailed to say Yes! I will admit to being starstruck and worried that I would make a complete fool of myself, but also there was no way I would miss a chance to talk with this incredible knitter.

While at work on Saturday, I learned that 3 of my friends had also signed up for the class. I knew Melissa had been on the waiting list, but I didn't know Maya and Miranda were taking it too. I sign up for classes knowing full well I may not know anyone there, but it's always great to find out my friends are going too.

Melissa wanted to carpool, and I jumped on that. That way it would take pressure off me having to be witty that early in the morning.

Oops, I've got to eat breakfast. It's later than I thought. More later.

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