Thursday, May 1, 2008

Customer Spotlight Sale and a non-related rant

Just wanted to mention here that Needle Nook is having a Customer Spotlight Sale on Saturday from 2 - 6. This is like a spring fair where local artists and crafters sell their goods, and a portion of their sales go to Ovarian Cycle. The store is also selling knitted models, books, cross stitch magazines and cookies with a portion of the sales also going to Ovarian Cycle. You can read more about it here.

I had to take a break from the heathery grey slog that is sock # 2 for the hubby, so last night I started working on the second one of my Roses for You pair. I had so far only gotten the toe completed (it's a toe-up sock), and I was able to start on the lace pattern. I didn't get very far, but it was so lovely to work on muted pinks and greens for a little while. Tonight I started a teddy bear sweater, but the pattern is confusing. I asked 2 other knitters with many more years experience than I have, and the consensus was there is something amiss with the pattern. I'll pull out one of my EZ books and figure out how I'm going to make this bear sweater instead of following the pattern. Thank goodness for a reference library.

Only 5 more days until Careless in Red is released. I can't wait to read what happens to Lynley and Havers next.

I realize I've had some longer posts the past few days, but I want to rant for a few minutes. There was some conversation about adaptions of books for the screen, and I had to confess that I unfortunately resemble Comic Book Guy way too much when it comes to this sort of thing. I find myself saying "what were they thinking?", when I may really want to say "Worst adaptation ever."

The two series that were the unfortunate recipients of my small dissertation on bad adaptations were the new Miss Marple and the Lynley series on Mystery. It all began when Lou said that the new Miss Marple just wasn't right. I totally agree that she isn't being portrayed the way Agatha Christie intended. I took it from there and said how bizarrely the books have been adapted for TV.

Let's take Sleeping Murder, for example. The book itself deals with a love that has been twisted into something creepy with not only a murder, but someone driven to suicide. The adaptation was so far off base that it truly should have a "worst ever". Other than most of the names and the city being the same, they are two different stories, with Agatha's the much better one. In all likelihood if I had never read any of the books, I would be much less verbal about it. I saw the Brother Cadfael series before I ever read the books, and the miscasting of Hugh Beringar wasn't an issue.

What is quite interesting is the casting for the Lynley series, and what the author, Elizabeth George, has to say about it on her webpage. Authors get so little say in all that (just think of Tom Cruise as Lestat!) They also apparently don't get much say in screen plays. For example, think of Snape acting heroically in the movie The Prisoner of Azkaban. Anyone who read the book knows that's not right.

If you love a book so much, why make unnecessary changes. Why did Peter Jackson make Faramir a villain? When did Arwen become an elvin warrior?

One of the knitters last night had the best solution. If they ever make her favorite book into a movie, she will never go see it. I find I tend to agree. I do think The Lord of the Rings was a great set of movies. I just want to know exactly when did Frodo become such a whiny wimp? I don't remember that from any of the books.

Go see the movie or tv series first, then go read the book. Just be prepared for the book to be different and a helluva lot better. Or better yet, just go read the books. (Will I find I still enjoy Dexter as much after I read the books?) I'm sure I'll blog about that too.

I'd like to end this on a more positive note. Let's take a minute to think of some really great actors who fit their roles perfectly.

John Thaw as Inspector Morse

David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

and yes, Derek Jacobi as Brother Cadfael. I'll admit it. I think he's a wonderful actor.


Janice in GA said...

There were some things that worked pretty well in the LotR movies. The first movie was great. The second and third movies made me hate Peter Jackson with the fiery heat of a thousand suns. Gimli the Comic Relief Dwarf and The Amazing Adventures of Legolas REALLY chapped my a**. And then there was what he did to Denethor. ARGHHHHHH.

Jeezopete, don't get me started. /fans self/

My favorite book-into-movie might be Field of Dreams. Even with Kevin Costner, the movie works well. And it captures the spirit of the book, and most of the significant details.

BTW, if you like the movies "The African Queen" or "The Natural", DON'T read the books. The movies work better, IMHO.

Eve said...

Good to know about The African Queen as I think the movie is great. I'm even happier to know that I'm not the only one who had such strong feelings about the LotR movies.