Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lightning never strikes twice?

Some SOB stole Keith's car last night between 8:30 and 10:00 p.m.! We were in the house at the time and didn't even notice! Obviously, his car doesn't have an alarm. Two of our neighbors down a few houses in each direction were having people over, so we just didn't notice any coming or going.

This totally sucks! Who knows if we'll get the car back. If we do, what condition will it be in? And what really sucks, even though I understand why, is that when we have only one running vehicle, Keith always gets it. He needs it for work, but I must admit that I get crabby having to wait for him (one time for 3 hours!) to pick me up from work.

Anyway, we discovered it right around 10, so we called the police and the insurance company. Now we wait. I must admit to hoping karma gives these wretched crooks what they deserve. In the meantime, we've got broken glass to clean up. We also need to talk to the neighbors. I think someone must have seen something and it perhaps looked normal enough that they don't know they have information. (Do I read too many British mysteries or what?) And is it really wicked to wish massive bodily harm to these thieves?


Kim said...

That sucks! I'm keeping my needles crossed that your car comes back quickly and whole. And, I would think you were weird if you DIDN'T wish massive bodily harm on those jerks.

Shari said...

So the bastard thieves returned-a white hot knitting needle to the eye would be a nice punishment. I hope you guys get the car back and it's driveable!

Janice in GA said...

Holy crap! That's a major pile of suckage. I hope you get it back in decent shape. Y'all have some stalkers/villains targeting your area, sounds like.

Long years ago, I had a car stolen from in front of the church on Easter Sunday once. Luckily, it was found later that afternoon. Why anyone wanted to go joy-riding in a 1968 Rambler American still baffles me.

Honi said...

okay a car is a thing.. so what I am about to say would be a pain financially for you but I hope they have a horrible accident and die an very painful death.. ( I am mean) I absolutely hate people who take things that are not theirs to take in the first place.. so they do not deserve any mercy in my book at all... LOSERS.. on the other hand I do hope you get your car back.. and its not in bad shape.. that really sucks..