Friday, May 23, 2008

Drilling the roots?

Keith has to have a root canal next week. The appointment was actually a little further into the future, but the tooth has been really hurting him the past few days. The dentist thinks the nerve is dying, and as it does so, it causes waves of horrible pain interspersed with it feeling just fine.

So, this morning we looked it up to see how it's done. I was ok with the little cartoon showing how it was performed, but the picture of the tool with the nerve still attached was a little much for me. I asked Keith if he thought he'd be knocked out for the procedure. His response was so typical. No, because he wanted to see what was removed. He wanted to see the root! I don't think I'm that curious.

Now that you are holding your jaws in sympathy pain, I'll move onto another subject. I've not said much about knitting since I'm in stockinette land. I'm working on the instep of one sock and the cuff of another in stockinette. A nice easy knit, but not an interesting blog entry.

I do have 2 new cats hanging around the house now. I have procrastinated and procrastinated about purchasing my own trap, but I think I'll just have to do it. One cat is limping some. I think it's a he, and he's probably been scrapping. The name Hopalong just popped into my head. He was on the front porch eating Chubby's food this evening. We both startled each other when I opened the door. If Hoppy cooperates, I'll take pictures. I do wonder though. Is there some secret cat code that says "hey, she'll feed you. Hang around. Look cute. Meow most pitifully. Bring your friends." Luckily, they still are greedy little beggars, and sardines are a form of kitty crack. Delicious sardines make it easy to trap kitties. I foresee a summer of TNR. Kind of like the summer of love, but with a lot of catnip.

Speaking of kitties, we think Scooter has gone deaf. It seems to have happened just over the past couple of weeks. I doubt there's anything that can be done for him, but I'll call the vet next week to see. He'll be celebrating his 18th in just a few short weeks. Sardines make a great kitty birthday dinner too.

I'm feeling pretty tired tonight. We thought about going to see the Presidents, who are in town tonight, but the show started at 9 p.m. with an opening act. I'm working tomorrow, and I'm way past my early 20's, so I opted out of going. It's really too bad as I think they would be so much fun to see. Read these lyrics (does contain one naughty word if you're prudish) and see if you don't agree. You can also listen to the song on their site. Enjoy.

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