Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One down

I finished the garter stitch short row heel last night, and it worked out beautifully. Well, there was one hole, but that was from the first stitch becoming loose. I was able to work the yarn through the row and tighten up the hole. I'll add a picture later.

I'm up early waiting to hear from the mobile groomer. She said she would be here between 8 - 10 a.m. Monster and Grey are getting their first lion cuts of the summer. I'll probably get them trimmed again in late July or August. They look so funny, but they do love the short fur. At least this spring has been cool, and I haven't found Monster sleeping on her back under a fan yet.

It's day 2 of my time off this week. I have big plans. The Farmer's Market. Home Depot. A couple of trips to storage.

We've decided to go with Trotter for the waterproofing in the basement. It's only going to get more expensive if we wait. They're scheduling for 3 -4 weeks out, so that gives us time to clear out the basement some. We want to frame it in and make it into more living space, and taking care of leakage from monsoonal rains is the first step. We plan to add a den and a smaller room that can be a guest room. I don't think we're adding another bathroom since we're on a septic tank. We'd probably have to connect to sewer if we add a bath, and that's horribly expensive. Or, if we did add one, it's probably be a half bath. Do I need to mention that apparently we're doing most of the work? I'm not looking forward to spending my time off framing walls and doing drywall later this summer. I get little enough knitting time as it is!

We do plan to have some fun while we're both off. It's just that the house stuff never seems to get done when we're both working all the time, and Keith has a lot of vacation and personal days to use up this year. Anyway, we're planning to see Ironman sometime this week, and if the weather permits, a picnic too.

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