Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yes, u can has pictures

This is an action shot of Grey over the weekend. Sorry that she's off center, but she was trotting towards me, and I had to get the shot quickly.

Next, this is Grey today. She's not exactly happy, and I think she's actually a bit chilly. You know how weather in the South is. It was 83 last week, only around 66 today. See, she doesn't look at all happy. I know she'll thank me in a few weeks. Remember how last year it was up into the 90's by the end of May?

Monster was uncooperative, so I don't have a recent before shot for you. Here she is today, resting between petting sessions. Yes, she's a big kitty and trying to limit her food makes life a misery for us all. One day a while back I blogged that if I were to die in the house, I do believe that Monster would eat me.


Kim said...

Cat pictures!!! Look at that cute little nekkid kitty with the puffy tail! And that pink belly on Monster? So much cuteness! I just want to blow bubbles on that cute pink belly! (And then probably go to the emergency room to get the nice doctors to sew my face back on. But would it be worth it? I think so!)

Eve said...

And yes, you would be heading to the ER if you tried to blow bubbles on Monster's tummy. She nearly sent one of the groomers to the ER once. (She really doesn't like baths.)