Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fast update

First, thank you for your kind comments about my Grandma. Janice, you are so right about how we lose them before we lose them. Sometimes though, Grandma says some of those things she's probably wanted to say for years but has been too polite to do so.

As for Chubby, I let him back out on Tuesday while Keith was at home working. He didn't want to come back in that night, but as it was about to pour, I grabbed him and brought him back in. He was also out yesterday, and I noticed this morning that he's sneezing again. I think he may really be allergic to something. He's still pretty skittish in the house, and the fact that I've been picking him up and bringing him inside doesn't make him want me too close. However, as he's had 2 abscesses this spring and summer, I'm not sure that what he wants is as important as what I want. Right now he's outside, but he did sneak back in to get some breakfast. I told Keith that we were no longer feeding him outside. At least last night he didn't meow too much, and Lily slept above my pillow without sniffing or chewing on my hair. (We've had to sleep with the bedroom door open the past few nights to keep Chubby quiet. The closed door upsets him. Lily's been thrilled to come sleep with us, but she's been a little active. She's decided that behind my pillow is a great place to sleep. The only problem is that is also Grey's favorite sleep spot. I see a snarling ultimate fighting match a little too close to my head in my future.)

The Wollmeise came in yesterday's mail. I am so excited to actually hold my first order of Wollmeise in my hand. I thought it would cool the thrill of the hunt, but I'm wondering if it's actually made it worse.

On that note, I'll end this quick update.

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