Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I think I'll just make myself at home

Well, you didn't say I couldn't get on the furniture. I saw the other cats doing it. In fact, there's one sleeping on your coffee table right now.

Yes, this is Chubby sleeping on the sofa. We let him out to roam in the house, and this is where I found him. Didn't take him long at all, did it?As you can see here, I've turned the heel on the first Garter Rib sock.
I've got the habit of tossing seeds out to the birds when we eat things like squash, watermelon, etc. Sometimes, like last summer's watermelon, we get surprises from doing this. This year I had a member of the squash family pop up, growing at the base of all those sunflowers. I've been trying to figure out just what it is, and I think it may be a delicata squash. This blurry picture is from me squatting down, pulling leaves aside and trying to get a shot of the squash. I know it's too early to be sure, but that is my current guess.

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Kim said...

Transition to housecat: complete.