Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Miscellaneous musings

Tomorrow is my birthday. As I've aged, I've found that I'm much more difficult to shower with presents. The things I want that are in a gift appropriate price range I've probably already gotten for myself (although I will always take hand dyed sockyarns.) The other things I want are not reasonable. After all, probably none of you have a fuel cell Dodge Dakota, extended bed (not a quad cab) with a sliding rear window, Rhino bedliner in the old body style (1999-2000) that you are planning to give me. Or maybe an antique squash blossom necklace. How about an antique concha belt?

Now that I'm sitting and thinking, I realized that through http://www.etsy.com/, I'm showering myself with gifts this year. I've been shopping over the past few days, and I'll be receiving several handpainted sock yarns and some Scrabble tiles that have been made into pendants. Oh well, you only turn 45 once, and I can't afford the present I really want. (Yeah, you know the one. It counteracts some of the affects of gravity. No, not the first face lift. It's a little lower.)

But the other thing I've done is made a donation to http://project-cat.blogspot.com/. Not a huge one, but every little bit helps when you've got a lot of vet expenses. (I've joked with my mother that sometimes all I want are giftcards to my vet's.)


Janice in GA said...

Happy birthday tomorrow! Getting older isn't all it's cracked up to be, but it's still better than the alternative.

Kim said...

Happy birthday, you foxy babe! And I will never believe 45. Nope. Not buying it.

Anonymous said...

I can't make knit night tonight because my husband has to pick up some appliances for our new house. I'm sorry I'm missing your birthday week. I hope that you have a good birthday and that you may someday reward yourself with all the unreasonable gifts you like. :)

Honi said...

You know after turning 40 I celebrate birthdays as if they are graduations I earn each year... So I really look forward to making each birthday .... 45 has been an interesting year for me.. marriage and all.. I hope your 45th year is just as interesting... the way I look at it.. its your world.. RULE IT.. lol.. I developed that attitude on my 40th birthday ... lol