Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here are some pictures

First of all, this is what's going on in our yard. We've been having a real Southern summer this year with the heat and humidity. We are still very short on rainfall, but lately we've had some just about every day. The humidity makes those thunderstorms pop up in the late afternoon. Anyway, this is what it looks like under our birdfeeders. I usually go pull up the sunflower sprouts, but this year through being busy and somewhat lazy, we left them. Aren't they gorgeous?

This is another volunteer plant I've got growing.

This is the latest installment from the Nefarious Yarn Club. It's Jim Jones. He truly is a nefarious character. However, the Kool-Aid inspired a great yarn colorway.

These pendants are part of my birthday etsy shopping.

We get a lot of help around our house when we are doing things. For the record, I've found it's hard to get decent pictures of Sassy because she is uncooperative. Here she and Grey help me take photos for today's post.

Here Scooter makes sure the slipcover (that we just took out of the dryer) is ready to be put back on the sofa.

And Lily makes sure the shredder is empty and ready for its next use. (We always leave the shredder unplugged just for this reason.)

I do have another sock yarn to post a picture of, but I need to edit the photo first. I'll add it later.


Kim said...

Pretty sunflowers and cute kitties! I especially like the one of Scooter. He's a helpful guy.

Honi said...

uhmmm why does the kitty like the shredder .. lol that was cute.. glad u keep that unplugged!

Eve said...

What kitty doesn't like to get somewhere they're not supposed to be? Why does the kitty sleep in the clean laundry? Why does the kitty sleep on my pillow? Kitties rule their domain, and the humans and dogs within.