Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hmmm, outside?

I've spent the evening with Chubby plastered against me. He was raising hell when I left him alone in my office earlier this evening. Keith was in here on the computer, but I was the one he wanted. So I picked him up and took him in with me to watch tv and knit. Chubbs isn't too sure about this being carried around bit, especially since that makes Sassy really want to sniff him. However, he spent 3 hours keeping me company while I watched Nature and Masterpiece Mystery. He didn't even want to chew on the yarn, but instead slept with his head buried into my leg most of the time.

He's sneezing less, but I still think he probably needs to go back in tomorrow. I hope he will not sit in the office and yowl too much tonight. We had some debate last night about letting him sleep with us since he did a lot of yowling and meowing when we tried to go to sleep last night. Scooter, who doesn't hear much of anything, still meows pretty loudly late at night, and he set Chubbs off. Keeping my fingers crossed I drift off before the kitty chorals begin.

In knitting news, I'm turning the heel of the first Garter Rib sock. I should be able to complete the heel and get started on the cuff tomorrow night.

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Kim said...

Yay! He's been house-cat-ized! It's amazing how quickly these "I am a noble wild beast" hold-outs take to being housepets.