Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So close and yet so far

I am on the toe decreases for the second Monkey sock, but when I finish with it I need to undo the toe of the first one and knit one more pattern round. I so want to get finished by the 18th so I can post my first pair to Summer of Socks! Will I be able to make it? Who knows?

Yesterday I went a bit cooking mad. I made vegetable soup, veggie pizza, the blueberry cobbler and a pan of fudge. Now we have lunch and dinner until Saturday, along with the all important dessert. The fudge is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Cooking magazine, the latest issue. It is very easy, but not for any of us who should be dieting. Honestly, about one piece is all you need since it's made with butter and heavy cream along with the sugar, chocolate, etc. It is a great basic recipe that can be used for all sorts of extras. I'll admit that I made it without nuts this first time. Most importantly, I forgot to chop them, but then I decided that I'd like the smoothness of plain fudge.

Hopefully first thing tomorrow I can post pictures of a completed pair of socks. Keep your fingers crossed.

More importantly, Mr. Chubby has decided that petting isn't so bad. I've been sneak petting him this past week. This means when he is standing right by me with his back to me, I've reached down and touched him. He'll let me pet him once or twice, then he realizes what's going on. You can see his little brain puzzling it out. "I like this, but that means the human is touching me." Well, last night he decided that petting was quite ok. Ok enough for him to roll over, rub his head on my hand, then decide to grab it for a nuzzle and a nibble. I'm very glad he got his shots when he had that abscess. He was very gentle and didn't bite me, but he hasn't got as great of control over his claws. I came in with a pattern of pinpricks on the back of my hand. I truly think that sometime in his past he was someone's pet. As cautious as he is, I wonder if his owner was cruel to him. He's been acting definitely more petlike this week with walking right in front of me when I go out. You know what I mean. The weaving walking that is meant to stop you in your tracks or trip you. He's been coming when I call him for months now. Let's face it, he's been my yard cat for over a year now. I'm pleased with the progress, especially as I think he's got a kitty cold. He's been sneezing for the past few days, so maybe now I can stuff him into a carrier and get him to the vet. I will admit here that both Keith and I have been stuffy and sneezing too with all the rain we've had recently, so maybe Chubbs is just having an allergy attack. Only the vet will know for sure.

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Kim said...

See Eve. See Eve knit. Knit, Eve, knit! You can do it!