Thursday, October 2, 2008

Antibiotics for kids

don't taste good to kitties. Chubbs let me know that in no uncertain terms last night, and I have the scratches to prove it.

After I posted last night, I looked at some of the info on goldfish, and I think Fishy might eat the tetras. Fishy is probably 4" long from snout to tail tip, maybe even a little longer. Tetras might just look like delicious snacks. I think I'll have to get another goldfish or 2 once we get the aquarium set up. Possibly some photos for this weekend.

With all sorts of stuff going on in the economy, I think I'll get a winter food garden going. My garden is on a sloped area, so I'm thinking I'll get some of those landscaping stones from Home Depot to make a small wall and level it out. I can still plant some things like sugar snap peas and lettuce. See, more possible blog fodder.

As for me, I must be heading out to work and to hopefully get some gas. Once I hit half a tank, it seems the gas just disappears.

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Shari said...

Winter gardens are the bomb! I have one..growing broccoli, mescalun mix and spinach...I have sweet potatoes and am waiting on the first frost to harvest them...from the looks of things, I will not be lacking beta carotene this winter!
So, is Chubby now a member of the family? It sure looks that way to me :)