Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I will mention if Sunday's post doesn't make any sense, it's because I went back and edited it. It had been about work, but upon second thought, I decided I needed to delete it. Was I surprised to see 3 comments when I came back to delete! Instead I just edited out the work bit, which is why it seems so odd now.

On to knitting. Working on Keith's sweater is back in one of those black holes of knitting. Some of you will understand quite well what I mean. I knitted for several hours last night, but the sweater seemed to stay the same. I've got over 350 stitches for each round, so I should be happy I was able to complete as many rounds as I did (6 or 7 - that's over 2100 stitches!). Yikes! Sometimes I'm much happier not doing the knitting math. No wonder it felt as if nothing was happening on the sweater. Nonetheless, the end is in sight. I was reading ahead about neckline decreases so that I'll be ready when it's time. Hopefully it will be time by the weekend.

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