Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Half a happy dance!

I have finished the first sleeve of the flame sweater! Woohoo! {dancing wildly on one foot here!}

The other foot is fully grounded for several reasons.
1. I have the whole other sleeve to knit. I've discovered I'm not that wild about color work, but probably because I'm not very good at it yet.
2. I thought I took better notes than I did in reality. I have to sit down and figure out just what in the world I did with the first sleeve. Like why did I end up with 4 extra stitches when I followed the pattern I had marked in my notes? Ok, 2 I can explain as I need them for seaming before continuing on with the sweater yoke, but the other 2? Where does that extra increase come in? Why is it there? Why do I delude myself into thinking I had actually left decent notes?

I know some of this is Martian to you non-knitters. I'm knitting this sweater in the round which means that the body is in one tube. I knit the sleeves separately (2 more tubes), connect them all together and knit the yoke to the neckline as a tube. It's pretty cool and will eventually work out. However, (you knew there was one, didn't you?) However, I had to make changes to make it all work. One change is that since I was knitting the flames into the sleeves, I have to knit them flat and then sew them up before attaching them to the body. In order to do this and have them fit, I have to add extra stitches to make up for the ones the seam will eat up. Somehow I've gotten even more extra stitches than were needed.

Oh well, I've had more difficult puzzles to unravel. I'll get this figured out, and even then I'll delude myself into thinking next time I'll take better notes. **Wink, wink** (we all know better, don't we?)

Off to watch what's left of a documentary about pre-Columbian pyramids discovered in Peru.

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