Saturday, October 18, 2008

I think it's "go time"

I think I've finally been pushed to the limit. I've been wondering what to do for some time about Monster's weight (she's horribly obese) and Sassy's skin (she must have all sorts of allergies), and I'm just about to the point of cooking for my pets. All that I read is how cats don't need much, if any carbs as they are obligate carnivores. As for Sassy, apparently Shar Peis and labs have all types of allergies and skin problems. The poor girl may have the worst of both breeds. I've been researching things online, and while I'm not comfortable (yet) feeding them a raw diet, I'm thinking that's in the future. The near future. Hmm, do I see an electric meatgrinder in my future too?

Where's that crystal ball when I need it?

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Yarn or Death said...

Talk to lizardsmells on Ravelry. She feeds all her pets a raw food diet and I bet she can give you some good information.