Friday, October 17, 2008

Not much going on here

I've been knitting some, and I've gotten to the point on the second sleeve where I have switched from intarsia to fair isle. That makes the knitting go a bit more quickly.

On knit night I worked on my Malabrigo cable wrap since it's such an easy pattern. I had also taken it with me when we went to Juvenile Court on Monday, so I've added at least 12" to the overall length this week.

I don't think I blogged about going to court. I had received a subpoena awhile back concerning our car that had been stolen from in front of the house. Apparently when the police found it several hours later, the person driving it was under 18. Anyway, we went to court on Monday and only had to wait a little while before an investigator from the D.A.'s office came to talk to us. The juvenile had requested an attorney, so the court date was rescheduled. We don't have to go to next one. We're "on call" if they need us. The woman sitting next to me had something very similar to her happen. Her car disappeared from right in front of her front door one night.

I've got to go. Clearing out my office has opened up a lot of space, and Lily is going crazy right now. I'm in fear for my curtains, my printer (she keeps wanting to leap onto it) and my still partially empty bookshelves. She's currently on my dresser, peering down towards where Chubby has hidden himself beneath it. I've got move any remaining breakables.

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