Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally finished with the colorwork

I'm past all the color work on Keith's second sleeve. Big sigh of relief here as now I can just knit the lovely heathery charcoal gray until this one's finished. I'm not looking forward to weaving in all those ends, but it must be done.

The critters all seem very happy to be eating canned food. Sassy was inhaling her Wellness, so I've been mixing some of her old formula kibble in it to help her transition and to slow her down some. The kibble makes her stop and chew instead of swallowing it whole. We did give her a bath the other day, and the inflamed area looks much better now. I'm really hoping that more of the inflamation reduction is from the food change and not just the bath. As for Scooter, I think he's gained a tiny bit of weight from eating more moist.

I think making homemade pet food, once there's a routine, won't be quite so daunting. I emailed Lizardsmells (who I've mentioned here before in connection with her etsy shop) since I'd been told she feeds her kitties raw food. She had some good information too.

Gotta go. Keith is cooking breakfast and yelling for me to get into the kitchen to eat.

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