Sunday, October 19, 2008

Second sleeve of Keith's sweater

Here are a couple of pictures:
This is Keith's second sleeve in progress. I should be finished with the knitting early this week, maybe by Wednesday. Then I have to weave in all the ends and sew up the seams. After that is done they will be ready to be attached to the sweater body, and I can knit the yoke. Keith will be wearing this possibly in time for Halloween.
This is my Malabrigo cable wrap. It's 2 different dye lots of Verdes that I received as a gift.
I have been alternating the 2 dye lots by knitting 2 rows from one, then the other. I was afraid it might look stripy, but I think it looks ok. Besides, it is gifted Malabrigo in a color I love, so you know I was going to find a way to use it. I've made 2 of these wraps for other people, and it was time for me to knit one for me.
That's all the knitting pictures. As for us, I had recently done research on goldfish, as I think I mentioned here. Goldfish actually like cooler water temperatures, but we will be having unseasonable cold weather here. They can tolerate water temps down to 40 F, but tonight the air temp here will be around that! Possibly into the upper 30's! Yesterday Keith set up the aquarium stand, and today we will clean and set up the aquarium. I've told him that we probably need to use as much of Fishy's outside water as possible in the aquarium since I don't want Fishy to suffer from being moved inside. I really dread killing my 29 cent goldfish by doing what I think is the right thing to do. (And yes, I do realize the irony of the amount of money we've spent to get an aquarium and stand for a feeder fish.) However, Fishy is our pet, and we all like him very much, especially Lily. If Fishy should meet an untimely demise, and I'm praying he won't, I'll get some other fish for it. When I was young I had one of the pink goldfish, and I've been wondering where I could find one of those.
Ok, I'm sure you've had enough ramblings on about my lone fish. So, what are we doing today? I've been reading and I'm buying some new litterboxes and setting them up. I'm making homemade dogfood for Sassy (several days' worth). I'll probably research a more local source for whole, ground rabbit (sorry to my vegetarian readers, but kitties can't live on tofu). In the meantime I'll look for a local source of the canned catfoods I've been reading about. I've been feeding them Eagle Pack kibble for several years now, but I'm convinced that Monster needs to eat moist food instead. That will help her lose the weight that the even the special diet kibble hasn't helped her lose. And she really loves a good moist food anyway.
I think that's it. Have a great day. It's so lovely here. I treasure these fall days when we get them as they are all too fleeting.

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