Thursday, October 2, 2008

An early morning phone call

I'm not one to get upset by early morning phone calls. I've been known to make them to my friends who I know are awake and moving around. So when my phone rang this morning at 9:15, I did run to it, figuring it might be something about work or one of my friends who also make early morning calls.

It was my brother, on his way to Atlanta. He sounded surprised I was getting ready for work. (huh?) I would have enjoyed skipping work and hanging out with him, but it was really short notice to do something like that. Besides, we got in a LOT of yarn yesterday, and there was a corresponding amount of work waiting for us.

I did skip going to knitting guild, and we took him to dinner at our close by Mexican restaurant. Yes, it's a little run down looking, and so is the neighborhood where it is, but I've been going to it since I was in college 20+ years ago. He enjoyed it, then off to Wuxtry to see if they still had an absurd LP he'd seen there this afternoon. It was "I'm in Love with a Rent Boy" by Nonnie and the Onnies. Who knows what it sounds like, but the cover is quite funny. Don't we all need something ridiculous in our lives?

My brother was in town to pick up an artist flying in from New Zealand. They're back off to Birmingham, then the artist is tooling around Greensboro, AL for a few days. I'm glad he had some time to visit since he and his wife usually just dash over to Atlanta for the day (Ikea), and I never know they've been here. That is one of the better things about aging. You and your sibs mellow out, and you can enjoy visiting without ending up at each other's throats like a couple of rabid pitbulls. (A family of redheads isn't all fun. We're not all Weasleys.)

Well, off to watch a few minutes of the debates. We'll see just how long I can stomach the bullshit.

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Janice in GA said...

I watched the debate. I should probably keep my opinion about that smirking, faux-folksy b**** to myself, though.

Not that I feel strongly about this election. Oh no.