Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lack of fodder leads to...

lack of blogging.

Yep, I'm still here. There's not much blog worthy going on. Chubby went to the vet on Tuesday to get treated for an abscess. He and Lily have been fighting with a feral kitty, so everyone's in lockdown. No more going outside for them. At least the weather is lovely enough to open up windows. I'm tired of spending my days off, and all my money, at the vet's office.

I think Keith is buying an aquarium tomorrow. Fishy can't live outside much longer since it's starting to get cool at night. I'd thought about seeing if he could go live in the pond at the vet's, but I've gotten quite used to having Fishy around. Lily loves to watch Fishy, so maybe having the aquarium inside will make up for the fact that she won't be out marauding anymore. I must admit I've always wanted some neon tetras. I do wonder if Fishy will look at the tetras as a snack.

See, told you there was a lack of blog fodder.

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